Using Walkie Talkies At Work And At Home

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There are so many unconventional uses for walkie talkies. One potentially great use for the hands-free walkie-talkie headset is that parents can have a head set walkie talkie engaged and communicating with their kids who may be playing in the neighborhood while they are doing chores or relaxing back at home.

Handsfree radios have what’s called VOX functionality on the headset which is excellent because it allows the user to be able to engage the headset mic and initiate radio transmissions without having to worry about hitting a button to do so.

Historically, Icom walkie talkies were introduced into typical business practices decades ago. Technology and battery engineering made them cumbersome and difficult to use in everyday applications. Despite this, long range two-way radios were recently made super-affordable, more portable, and were given a much improved battery life.

Combine these advancements with the ability to save a ton of labor hours, cost-free talk time and you have one of the most promising bottom-line tools for just about any business.

Whether you are a child on an adventure with playmates using kids walkie talkies or an adult hiking in the far woods walkie talkies can be a dependable mode of communication. With the invention of cell phones you may consider the two way radio a mere child’s toy. But in reality it is still an important and useful way of communication for millions around the world.

Top Radio Frequency Detector for your Choice

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Each one in their growth road, always meet with different kinds of challenges and temptations, success always belong to those who make great efforts and defeat these disadvantages and finally reach the top of the mountain, such as Barack Obama of USA, Chairman Mao in China or Vladimir Putin in Russia.
No one knows their pains behind their glorious moments. From child to adult, how many days they are facing with dangers or hard time, no one cares. But they still believe that their dream in the future will be realized beautifully. Let’s turn back to ourselves, life is not smooth all the time, sometimes you will have nightmare, sometimes you will feel lonely and sometimes you are in a dangerous situation without noticing, all above may be the moment we need to live through, how to make it will be what you need to do.

One day, you as a represent of you company to make a contract with another company, every detail you need to negotiate with that corporate representative, the final base number of the tender, the secret information of this cooperation and other no missing details.
Suddenly some evil guys from your competitors disguise themselves as one of clients there and steal all your secrets there. Using some sneaky recording or shooting devices to achieve all their evil purposes. All beautiful dreams about the future may be ruined in just one second.

What you will blame on, only yourselves, if you still have no awareness of risks, if you haven’t got the Radio Frequency Detector , be careful, maybe you have been recorded or eavesdropped for a period of time.
A radio frequency detector is a kind of 2 way radio device which can detect certain wireless transceivers by employing the technique of RF wireless broadband detection. Its effective transmitting frequency is between 100 to 2600 MHZ, so you can widely use it for 10 meters distance range.

This detector device has been applied into some places where no leakage of any important information, such as business meetings, private conversations or some discussions about secret motions, etc. Under the security of this gadget, you can completely get out of the extra worries about some evil guys’ evil doings.
The radio frequency detector will be the necessity in the road to your final goal.

Different actions will lead to different results, some bad, some good. So from now on you should be clear enough to make decision to get some necessary kits for securing your business life, such the GPS jammer, this radio detector or cell phone jammer. You know, every successful man know how to take use of tools to overcome some troubles.

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How to Choose the Walkie Talkie Headset That Best Fits Your Needs

walkie talkie toys r usWhat is your favourite feature of my communication devices used during disaster? In my opinion, I much like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuit’s underpants!

A headset is a particularly useful and surprisingly cheap accessory for your Kenwood walkie talkie – -.

It can provide great flexibility, enabling uninterrupted communication even in situations where your hands are involved in other, equally important, processes. However, there are so many different types of two way radio headsets around that you might not be sure what best suits your needs.

All the most common types will be briefly presented below, explaining their pros and cons and hopefully making your decision a bit easier.
Highly recommended in-ear headsetsMotorola 56517 Earpiece with Inline Push-to-Talk MicrophoneAmazon Price: $18.15
List Price: $24.99Motorola 53866 Earbud with Clip Push-To-Talk MicrophoneAmazon Price: Too low to display

List Price: $59.99 The most common headset type is the in-ear headset. It looks and works just like the wired cellular phone hands-free headsets we all know. An earphone is plugged into one of your ears, and the microphone hangs on a cable at the height of your chest.
It’s an easy to use piece of equipment and an excellent all-round performer. The only drawback is that it can not be attached very firmly, so it is mainly aimed at casual users. These headsets can be acquired for a small amount of money as they rarely cost more than $20 USD or so.

A special case of in-ear headset is the in-ear security headset, where the wire leading to the headphone (and the headphone itself) is transparent, to ensure maximum discretion. These types of headsets are usually worn by private security employees, bodyguards etc.
The next most common headset type is the boom microphone headset. This particular product consists of a microphone attached to a boom which brings it very close to your mouth. This allows for low volume talking, and even whispering, to be picked up easily making it an excellent candidate for situations where you have to be relatively silent while communicating.

Another advantage is that they can be attached more firmly to your ear, thus withstanding more abrupt movements. It is, however, rather bulky and might obstruct your field of view and movement freedom a bit.
Highly recommended boom microphone headsetsMidland AVPH7 Outfitters GMRS Headset with Microphone and PTT Button (Camo) (Pair)Amazon Price: $19.00

List Price: $39.99GARMIN 010-10345-00 Headset With Boom MicrophoneAmazon Price: $6.99
List Price: $19.00Excellent camo two way radioMotorola T8550R 18-Mile 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Camo)Amazon Price: $79.99
Now we’ll start getting a bit more application specific. Two way radio headsets with a throat microphone can pick up your voice directly through sensors attached to your neck. It can pick up your voice even in very loud environments, as the ambient noise is not recorded at all.

This makes them perfect for usage on motorcycles, night clubs and other noisy situations. They are also excellent at picking up very low volume whispers. Pair one of these headsets up with a camo colored two way radio and you’re ready for some serious paintballing.

Highly recommended throat mic headsetsMidland AVPH8 Acoustic Throat Mic for GMRS Radios with PTT/VOX CompartmentAmazon Price: $21.99

List Price: $39.99Another rather application specific headset type is the ear-protective headset. They are used in environments where noise levels are so high that they are potentially harmful to a person’s hearing, like construction sites and airports. They have headphones which are placed inside hearing protectors, safely covering both ears without obstructing communication.

As both of the above types are mostly aimed at professionals, they are a bit more expensive than the usual two way radio headsets. Other types include headsets which can be placed inside safety helmets for construction workers and headsets which can be placed inside motorcycle helmets, as well as some newer and more expensive Bluetooth enabled headsets.

The key to making the right choice of headset for your two way radio is knowing what your needs are and what product can cover them without being overly fancy and expensive.

Sepura Lifts Dividend And Provides Bullish Revenue, Earnings Guidance

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Sepura PLC upped its total dividend for the year to March 28 and announced guidance of 10% revenue growth over the next two years, as it saw pretax profit rise.
Sepura, which produces digital Two way Radios, raised its full-year dividend to 2.00 pence from 1.68 pence the previous year. It said Tuesday it now expects revenue growth of 10% per year in the financial year 2015 and 2016, and adjusted earnings per share growth of 15% in financial 2015 and 25% in 2016.
The company posted a pretax profit of EUR14.2 million for the recently completed financial year, up from EUR7.9 million the year before, as revenue rose to EUR116.6 million from EUR104.8 million, including a EUR700,000 contribution from its acquisition Portalify.
Sepura shipped a total of 188,000 terrestrial trunked Walkie talkies during the year, up from 154,000 in the previous year, boosted by growth in Germany, the UK, Norway and Australia. The company’s infrastructure business won new public safety contracts in new markets, including Greece and Lebanon, Sepura said.
It won its first contract in North America to provide the initial phase of Toronto Transit Commission’s new network, alongside other commercial contracts in Luxemborg, Germany and Malaysia.
Sepura noted that the strengthening of sterling and the volatility of the euro-dollar exchange rate hit its results by EUR2.5 million.
It is continuing to expand its US and Canadian sales teams, and added a number of new distributors in the region, saying it is confident it can build on its early successes in the market.
It also has launched a portfolio of digital mobile radio products during the year. Although Sepura noted that its expectations for these products in the first year are modest, it believes it will add a “significant” incremental increase to revenues and earnings in the medium term.
Sepura plans to expand this product range, and said it has been bolstered by its recent acquisition of Fylde Micro Ltd in May.
Liberum Capital increased its price target on Sepura to 175 pence from 162 pence and reiterated its Buy rating, highlighting the company’s future expansion potential.
Liberum noted Sepura’s improved sales team in North America, saying that with 7 million private mobile walkie talkie users the US represents the largest geographical opportunity for the company, and expects 25% of the growth in digital users to come from this market.
Sepura has transformed over the last three years into a geographically diverse critical communications solutions provider, with an estimated addressable market of USD2.5 billion, says Liberum analyst Ben Bourne. “It is now in a better position to capitalise on the accelerating analogue to digital migration.”

Commissioners OK new radios for domestic relations personnel

The basis of this post is to make you think about what in life is essential and what does getting the up-to-date Radio really signify to us
Deputy sheriffs working for the Domestic Relations Office will be able to perform their jobs better as the result of the Schuylkill County Commissioners approving on Wednesday the purchase of improved Icom 2 way radio equipment.
The purchase of the Motorola portable Kenwood 2 way radio equipment will help Deputy Sheriffs/Investigators James Hayes and Robert W. Phillips communicate with the office and will not be paid for with county money, Executive Director Lynn Bucklar said.
“There would be no cost at all to the county,” Bucklar told the commissioners just before they authorized the $18,133 purchase of the equipment from Green’s Communication, Pottsville.
Bucklar said the office will use grant money from its incentives program to buy the equipment, which will be compatible with the new Schuylkill County Communications Center system and also should improve the deputies’ safety.
“That’s to bring them in compliance with the new system that’s coming,” county Administrator Mark J. Scarbinsky said. “They’re getting it through the grant program.”
Scarbinsky said the new system should be fully tested and ready before the end of 2014.
In other business, the commissioners:
– Approved an amended to the contract with Barletta Materials, Hazleton, to decrease the cost of repairs to County Bridge 120 to $392,605.55, representing a savings of $24,720.80. Scarbinsky said the bridge is on Black Creek Road between Barry and Butler townships. The money saved will be available for other projects in the liquid fuels program, according to county engineer Lisa Mahall.
– Appointed two new employees for Rest Haven, the county nursing home. Patricia Howerter, Mount Carmel, will be a per diem licensed practical nurse to be paid at a rate of $18 per hour. Shane McCoog, Mahanoy City, will be a part-time storeroom clerk to be paid at a rate of $9 per hour.
– Announced that next week’s meeting will be held at 10 a.m. April 23 at the Mahanoy Area High School Auditorium, Mahanoy City.

Retail with Kenwood Nexedge 2 Way Radio

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For many years, Headsets have been proving their worth in a variety of retail environments, allowing store management, retail staff, stock controllers and security teams to communicate discretely and effectively with the aim of reducing stock loss, improving productivity and delivering better customer service.

Crime reduction, health and safety, disruption to business, protecting staff and shoppers from volatile situations are some of the issues faced by retail business large and small, but as the footprint of retail outlets has grown, so too have the requirements from two-way radio communications. The largest shopping centres can cover vast areas and several storeys, with tens of thousands of customers visiting the shops, cinemas and restaurants, all expecting a safe and vibrant environment free from the threat of crime and anti-social behaviour. These demands bring new challenges to retail and shopping centre management, not least the co-ordination of health, safety and security.

Kenwood licensed and license free PMR446 analogue radio systems and equipment have been employed in retail operations for many years in applications as diverse as high-end boutiques to the largest supermarkets and shopping centres. Now, with the introduction of NEXEDGE two-way radio systems and equipment in stand-alone systems or trunked network configurations, retail operations can benefit from the higher quality reception, increased effective range and additional safety and security features that digital two-way radio brings.

Whatever the size and type of retail operation, you can be sure that Kenwood can offer a radio communications system with voice or voice and data capabilities to meet your needs.

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2 way radio Operating Guide

So to carry on my run of articles on this blog, I have planned to share one of my favourite content pieces this week. I was hesitant to add it to this website as I really did not want to offend the original author, but I trust he/she is happy that I enjoyed reading their article and wanted to share it with my readers.

Are you wondering how to operate a walkie talkie? It’s actually quite simple as they are simple versatile devices that can be used almost anywhere. As you are just learning how to use walkie talkies, we recommend you start with the simplest set possible and go from there. We’ve created a short guide that should prove helpful.

Step 1 — Read the manufacturer’s instructions before you do anything. The instructions will show you where buttons, speakers and microphones are located. Make sure that you charge the handset or put in the required batteries into both models before you start working. Another important point is to check the distance that the walkie-talkie will cover as simple models can only be used over short distances.

Step 2 – Decide how many people will be on a network. If you are using your walkie-talkie over more than five miles, you will require the permission of local authorities and you will have to set up a dispatcher who will coordinate your calls. However, for short distances and for personal use, you can call each other’s walkie-talkies directly.

Step 3 — For long distances, you will have to give each other pennames that will help you recognize each other. This is also useful for short distance use as commercial walkie-talkies usually use the same frequency and you may have people in the same area broadcasting to you by mistake.

Step 4 — Once you have the basics ready, you can actually start using your handset by pressing down on the transmit button. Talk into the microphone of your handset when the button is pressed down. Let go of the button and other people can talk back to you.

Simple tips

1. You can make your conversation private by buying voice scrambled sets. Some handsets have 14 channels with more than 10 sub channels that will keep your conversation on a private frequency.

2. Keep your conversation simple and brief. Always state CLEAR after completing your conversation so that the other person can start talking.

3. Make sure you carry an extra battery if you plan to use your walkie-talkies for an extended period of time. You can also carry batteries that will extend the life of your handset.

4. Handsets are very delicate and dropping them can destroy the circuitry inside the model. If possible, also make sure that you have waterproofing on the Kenwood radio to prevent permanent damage.

5. Only one handset can transmit at a time and you have to be careful to ensure that the conversation can be carried out in entirety.

6. Wait two seconds after pressing the transmit button. This is because if you start speaking immediately, the first few seconds are lost to the listener.

7. All models have a volume dial, a channel dial and some models have extra dials that offer different functions. Make sure that you do not click on the buttons by mistake as it can completely block up the channel and prevent anyone else from using the system.

The bottom line

Using a walkie-talkie is simple and fun and it is a very common method of staying in connection with friends and family on an outing.

Ham Radio Hobby – 5 Facts To Enhance The Fun

communication device wowWith very little information on the internet about 2 way radio icom’s, it is very rare when we get a chance to re post, with permission, an article from this industry.

It is usually a custom for the two way communicators to identify their position and station and also their zone, region and place. Should the contact be made for a contest to do as many communication touchups with ham or stations radio operators then this information needs to be shared.

1. DX-ing and DX-peditions:

A radio operator’s goal, whether they are an amateur or not, is to get into contact with as many stations as humanly possible throughout the entire world.

What does DX stand for? It is short for Distant Stations. The second half meaning DX-ing is followed by QSO which means conversation.

DX-peditions are diverse in that the searching expeditions are intended exclusively for the intention to make contacts. This is especially true for those rare, hard to find and special unrepresentative regions.

Currently, there are Motorola radio frequency scanners that are great tools for just his use. It will scan repeatedly to find a sting signal.

2. QSL cards:

What is a Q code? It is a standard compilation of three letter message indoctrinations that all begin with the letter “Q”. It was first designed for the commercial sector of radiotelegraph communications. Later, it was incorporated to other radio sectors including amateur ones. The “Q” codes are not necessary in today’s transmission age but are used as form of tradition.
The QSL card, in part with the DX-ing and DX-peditions, is shared. This code means to acknowledge the receipt. it was customary that those who did the initial contact send QSL cards to confirm their contact as well as their conversations. These QSL cards are good for those in a contest to get into contact with a certain amount of stations in the specified amount of time. Not only that, the cards are distinguished because they are efficient for amateur radio operators.

3. Contacting remote regions:

For some countries, there are less radio operators and when these are contacted, they are rather special. Many times when a ham radio operators gets into contact with this region, other ham operators seek communications with these operators. When these places are contacted during special times, they have a place for its award program.

4. Hamfests:

This is when events are centered on those in the ham family and their friends. This event is designed to sell and exchange ham radios and meet real life ham friends. This event is usually done over the period of a few days.

5. Ham Radio Discussion Groups

Like the Internet Chat rooms of today, many ham radio operators offer discussion groups based upon similar interests besides the ham radio. They eventually form networks to help each other out should it be necessary. They can also form a discussion group based on their interests of the ham radio.

Should a radio hobbyist decides to get involved with the many activities that are involved, they are sure to never be bored. So if this is something you would consider fun and entertaining, then see how you can go about getting started.

Cincinnati State Technical College and Community College

xyz two way radioThis short article is posted by the strict permission of walkie talkie q, that is the original website. please get agreement from that blog before reposting this piece of writing.

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College (CSTCC) needed to migrate to a communications system that would support clear coverage over a large area and cost-effectively accommodate multiple talkgroups.

Studying the Needs of Campus Security CSTCC is comprised of three campuses and over 1.3 million square feet. Until recently, the college used an all-analog system, components of which were 15 years old. According to Raymond Mirizzi, Director of Facilities at CSTCC, We needed to upgrade our whole communications system, and it was vital that the entire campus be covered with a two Way Radio solution that would support very clear, consistent and secure communications.

The three-part campus needed a supervisory channel that would provide the flexibility for critical security officers and related personnel to communicate during times of crisis. Of course, because such emergencies can arise at any time, it was also critically important that the migration from analog to digital proceed smoothly and quickly because even brief downtime could put the campus at risk.

A budget had been established, and CSTCC expected a lot of value for their investment. An Educated Customer Makes the Right Choice A consultant was sent to work with CSTCC to determine needs, assess the options, and help them make the right choices. Because MOTOTRBO is still a relatively new solution, it was also important to provide CSTCC with a hands-on demonstration so they could get a sense of the potential that MOTOTRBO could offer.

After the demonstration, CSTCC was so excited about the product that they asked for a quote immediately so they could present it to their trustees that evening. With the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, trustees were very eager to implement a more secure communications system. The trustees appreciated that security is built into this digital solution: when users monitor digital
Communications, they hear only that the channel is in use they dont hear the actual conversation.

MOTOTRBO was our choice, explains Michael Wylie, Director of Environment and Public Safety at CSTCC. According to Wylie, based on the demonstration it was obvious that MOTOTRBO electronics were much better and reception was much clearer than what we had in our old analog system. Wylie was working under a budget, and MOTOTRBO supports lower cost of ownership compared to analog systems because fewer repeaters are required: two voice channels are utilized in one 12.5kHz frequency channel, so only one repeater is needed for every two voice or data paths. Considering all factors, Wylie concluded that we could replace our old system with this higher quality solution at a reasonable cost. MOTOTRBO also proved to be a way to ensure a smooth migration from analog to digital, supporting dual mode operations that could enable backwards communication between new units and older units already in place. Following this migration strategy, CSTCC could buy a few MOTOTRBO radios and use them in the analog mode; as time and budget allowed, they could then start migrating a few radios at a time to digital.

Graduating to a Better Communications Solution Mirizzi understands that when youre going offline to restart a new system, there will be a down period, and that can be a big problem if theres an mergency taking place. When we switched to MOTOTRBO, however, most people on campus didnt even know we switched over. It was that smooth. MOTOTRBO is now installed at CSTCC with 16 channels, one of which is to be used exclusively by supervisory personnel. According to Wylie,
This afforded us the opportunity to carry on confidential conversations without everyone else hearing what was going on. Having this supervisory channel would mean that CSTCC didnt have to buy an extra FCC license or a new conventional repeater.

The security repeater has ten units running off it; the facilities repeater has forty units running off it
and each one can be expanded to several hundred users, so theres plenty of room to grow.

MOTOTRBO also provides much clearer audio quality than is possible with analog, especially in fringe
coverage areas and thats especially important on this sprawling campus. A digital signal is inherently clearer than analog; and with noise suppression technology, MOTOTRBO audio becomes even crisper and sharper. MOTOTRBO gave us the ability, Mirizzi says, to communicate at a greater distance and branch out and create different channels for our internal operations. And then we had the opportunity for facilities and security to come together and communicate as one group, bringing together the right people at the right time.

MOTOTRBO Ready to Grow, Digitally Designed to facilitate quick and easy migration and operate in mixed analog and digital environments, MOTOTRBOs digital technology can be adapted to a number of different work environments, seamlessly supporting industry-specific applications. The open, flexible and licensable data interface offered by MOTOTRBO is designed to be regularly enhanced
through 3rd party devices and applications, making MOTOTRBO a terrifically expandable platform that gives users the opportunity to upgrade their radios as needed for continuously higher performance.MOTOTRBO is a complete system of mobile and portable units, repeater, data applications and accessories that can be easily adapted meet specific customer needs, whether in education, service or industrial environments. A forward-compatible platform, MOTOTRBO provides a solid foundation for future growth of a communications system.
Source –

Walkie Talkie plan to help protect shops from crime

walkie talkie repeaterSome of these expert writers on the web are at a really high level that i wonder if any of them have ever created a paperback? so every so often i like to highlight these first-rate content pieces and here’s one i thought was fascinating the other day.

A SCHEME for traders to warn each other about nuisance customers will be rolled out in Bewdley to stamp out drug-related crime in the town.

Shop owners and publicans will be issued with Walkie Talkies so they can alert other shop -keepers about anyone acting suspiciously.

It is hoped the pub and shop watch scheme will help deter drug addicts and alcoholics, who have been blighting the town in recent months.

Town councillors met police and representatives of Worcestershire Regulatory Services in a bid to come up with a zero- tolerance approach to handling the problem.

It follows a number of recent incidents in the town, including an alleged burglary and claims drug addicts and alcoholics were menacing people in the town by begging to fund their habits.

Town councillor Derek Killingworth said members would roll out the scheme before the Easter tourist season.

He added: “Something’s got to be done because Easter isn’t that far away. We cannot afford to allow these people to lay siege to the town. We’ve got to press the people with businesses in the town to work with us.”

He added the town council would issue the shops and pubs with walkie-talkies temporarily until it raised enough money to put a phone system in place.

“It’s got to be zero tolerance–that’s the only way we can stop this,” he said, adding the feedback from shopkeepers was “positive” but there was “still a lot more work to do”.

Inspector Paul Crowley, of West Mercia Police, said: “We discussed a number of ideas, including reforming the Pub Watch scheme, a Shop Watch initiative, improving public transport and taxi provision, introducing an age-verification scheme and bringing in street pastors.

“These ideas are all at a very early stage but West Mercia Police and our Police and Crime Commissioner Bill Longmore are fully in support of the town council and the licensees and we look forward to working together to further develop these ideas.

“While I would like to reiterate that Bewdley does not have a major problem with alcohol or drug abuse, disorder or anti- social behaviour, we welcome these steps towards dealing with any issues which have an impact on the quality of life of its residents.”

Mr Killingworth previously told The Shuttle that “druggies” and alcoholics had been menacing the riverside town since December.

He added the problem had become progressively worse and wanted to see more police on the streets to prevent crime.

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